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Our business

Pfizer South Africa’s vision of "living our full potential in striving for a healthier Southern Africa" forms part of Pfizer’s ethos whereby every Southern African should have access to quality healthcare.

At Pfizer South Africa we are dedicated to the improvement of human life and the battle against disease & disability. We have a leading portfolio of products and medicines that support wellness and prevention, as well as treatment and cures for diseases across a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Pfizer is considered one of the largest research-based pharmaceutical companies. Through our people; our research; our knowledge; our products and our community partnerships, we seek to save, prolong and enhance the lives of South Africans. In addition, setting the standard for quality, safety and value in terms of research, development and manufacture of medicines for humans is key.


Pfizer South Africa's biopharmaceutical division is part of a globally-renowned Pfizer Inc., the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company whose history dates back to the 1880s.

Pfizer's vast product range covers a variety of sectors, including oncology, vaccines, cardiovascular, biological medicine, neuroscience, urology, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulation, anti-infectives, pain medication and ophthalmology. Stakeholders include healthcare professionals, patient groups, pharmacy groups, hospital groups, media and government.

The company currently boasts a total workforce of just over 310 employees, and is rated among the Top Five American employers in the country and continues to achieve accolades in its quest to lead the field in the improvement of human life and the battle against disease and disability.

Consumer Health

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare is one of South Africa’s leading providers of consumer healthcare products. Our dedication to improving health worldwide has made Pfizer Consumer Healthcare a top competitor in a number of important over-the-counter (OTC) categories.

Our leadership team

Jennifer Power

Country Manager

Mhanqwa Khumalo

Finance Director

Paul Brand

Sales Director

Karen Hulett

Marketing Director

Matthew Moodley

Legal Director

Rhulani Nhlaniki

Pfizer Innovative Health Cluster Lead

Elaine Cross

Business Operations Lead

Johnny Moloto

Director Public Affairs, Policy and Communications

Doreen Nel

Human Resources Director

Dr Tobeka Boltina

Medical Director

Marianne Zennon

Country Regulatory Head

Atetia Visagie

Global Commercial Operations Cluster Lead

William Themane

Business Analytics & Insights Lead

Bridget Barnard

Logistics & Supply Chain Manager

Charl Smit

Business Technology Lead

Sue Cartwright

Pfizer Consumer Health Commercial Lead

Larnè Pearson

Product Quality Lead

Our mission and values

Pfizer's Mission in South Africa

Pfizer South Africa is dedicated to the improvement of human life and the battle against disease and disability. Through our people, our research, our knowledge, our products, our disease management programs and our community partnerships, we seek to save, prolong and enhance the lives of South Africans.

Our Vision

Living our full potential in striving for a healthier Southern Africa.

Our Values



Respect for people

Customer focus






Our leader behaviours

Sustain Focus on performance

We sustain focus on performance by setting the right priorities, seizing opportunities, adhering to high standards and always focusing on our customers.

Manage Change

We anticipate and adapt to change both in the external environment and within the company to respond to business challenges and sustain success.

Create an inclusive environment

We create an environment where new colleagues are welcomed, included and encouraged to contribute ideas to improve results and enhance performance.

Develop people

We focus on our own development as a never-ending way of life at Pfizer and managers bear a special responsibility to develop their people by offering feedback, collaborating with colleagues on development plans and providing coaching and mentoring assistance.

Encourage open discussion and debate

We encourage open discussion and debate and listen actively to each other to develop differing points of view and uncover the best ideas to meet business challenges.

Align across Pfizer

We commit ourselves to the success of Pfizer as a whole. We communicate and collaborate effectively with other departments and across divisions and recognise that success is mutual and cannot come at the expense of other parts of the organisation.

Our culture: A Culture Embedded in the Business

Pfizer’s culture is characterised by the notion of “ownership”. It’s how we conduct our business and how we deal and interact with people. The combination of our people and our OWNIT! culture differentiates us and gives Pfizer a competitive advantage. It’s what prompts us to engage in candid conversations that we call Straight Talk. Our culture also encourages us to value diversity and treat each other with respect. It is how we deliver on our promise to patients and achieve our mission: to be the premier, innovative biopharmaceutical company. It’s important for all of us to share a common culture and common language when talking about culture.

OWNIT! encourages all colleagues to take ownership for their careers and make a positive impact on the business. This means that innovation and new ideas are met with openness and careful consideration, not skepticism and dismissal. It means everyone, no matter what their role, strives for excellence. Pfizer colleagues take accountability for their work and deliver on their commitments with speed, decisiveness and integrity.

Our history

Pfizer South Africa’s Biopharmaceutical Division is part of globally-renowned Pfizer Inc., the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical company, whose history dates back to the 1880s.

Key milestones

  • 2015

    Pfizer partners with Biovac institute

    Pfizer and the Biovac institute launch partnership to manufacture pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in South Africa.

  • 2009

    Pfizer acquires Wyeth

    Pfizer acquires Wyeth, creating a company with a broad range of products and therapies that touch the lives of patients and consumers every day and at every stage of life.

  • 2000

    Pfizer signs MoU with DoH

    Pfizer partnered with the SA Department of Health by donating treatments for two opportunistic fungal infections associated with HIV and AIDS (cryptococcal meningitis and esophageal candidiasis).

  • 2000

    Pfizer merges with Warner-Lambert Company

    February 2000 saw Pfizer Inc., including the South African operations, merge with Warner-Lambert Company, making the South African operation one of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies in South Africa.

  • 1999

    Pfizer celebrates 150th anniversary

    Pfizer celebrates its 150th anniversary as one of the world's premier pharmaceutical companies. Recognized for its success in discovering and developing innovative drugs for human discovery, Forbes® magazine names Pfizer Inc. "Company of the Year."

  • 1969

    Pfizer SA expands further

    Veterinary pharmaceuticals, including injectable products for animals, were manufactured in the same facility and in 1969 an additional unit was added to manufacture other agricultural products, including sheep dips. The facility was also expanded to accommodate the manufacture of consumer products like Choats and TCP.

  • 1967

    Pfizer expands in Southern Africa

    In 1967, the Johannesburg office became the regional headquarters for Southern Africa, controlling operations in South Africa, Rhodesia, Angola, Mozambique and South-West Africa. A manufacturing plant in Pietermaritzburg, commissioned in January 1968, marked the completion of the first phase of a long-term investment programme in South Africa.

    The plant, set up at a cost of R1.8 million included a manufacturing unit to produce sterile, topical and oral dosage forms and a highly sophisticated quality control laboratory.

  • 1953

    Pfizer’s bio-pharmaceutical division was established in South Africa

    In 1953 Pfizer set up its own promotional activity in South Africa, starting with pharmaceutical products. It soon entered the agricultural sector, with a limited range of Terramycin dosage forms. The company employed two representatives, which was increased to six in 1954, including one in the then-Rhodesia. In 1957 Pfizer launched its Agriculture Division in Newtown, Johannesburg, with seven employees.

  • 1951

    Pfizer enters the South African market

    Pfizer actually entered the South African market in 1951, when Petersen Limited, a Cape Town based firm of manufacturing chemists was awarded the agency for the distribution of Pfizer's pharmaceutical products. Terramycin, the first broad-spectrum antibiotic which had been discovered in 1949 was the key product distributed by Petersen.

  • 1849

    Pfizer opens up in Brooklyn, New York as a fine-chemical business

    In 1849, cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart founded Charles Pfizer & Company in a red brick building in Brooklyn, NY.