Regulations regarding the advertising of medicines, the Marketing Code for Pharmaceuticals

What is the Marketing Code for Pharmaceuticals?5

  • The full name of this document is: Code of Practice relating to the Marketing of Medicines in South Africa. It has been in ongoing discussion, and remains in draft form, subject to its finalisation by a wide range of interested parties, including: The department of Health, Pharmaceutical companies, Trade Associations, wholesales groups, the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa, the South African Pharmacy Council, the South African Medical Association (SAMA), and several others. Despite not yet being written into law, most drug manufacturers have adopted the spirit of the Code and have already implemented the necessary administrative and operational steps.
  • The Code contains various sections, addressing the marketing of both prescription medicines to the healthcare profession, as well as the marketing of self-medication to the general public. We will take a brief look at the marketing of prescription and OTC drugs, in order to help you understand what information and promotional support your healthcare professional (doctor, nurse, pharmacist) is exposed to. Currently, the Department of Health is the custodian of the Code, and can act to enforce compliance with the Code amongst drug marketers and manufacturers.5 

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It may be useful to know that the medical profession is also regulated by an Act called the South African Medicines and Medical Devices Regulatory Authority Act, which came out in 1998. (Click here)

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